The TPMS is a technology that monitors the pressure and temperature of the tyres of the fitted vehicle directly and consistently. The advantage of this system is to be able to continuously control that the pressure is optimal, in order to save fuel and to preserve its tyres as well as the vehicle.
The TPMS sensors are fitted on the valve; they pick up the pressure and temperature every 15 seconds and send this data by radio frequency to the cabin display. It receives and interprets the data, and then displays the pressure and temperature. The housing emits an alert signal when the pressure or temperature is abnormal in order to solve this problem.

Real-time monitoring:
Pressure range: 0.4bar ~ 7.0 bar/ 5.8 psi ~ 101 psi
Audio-visual alarms:
• High or low pressure alarm, leak, sudden drop in pressure
• Temperature alarm: +80°C / 176°F.

-Better handling and braking behaviour.
-Better stability when turning.

The advantages of our TPMS:
• Preservation of tyres, a vehicle
• Prevention of tyre failures.
• Reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
• Reduction of exhaust.
• Reduction in impact and wear of struts, suspensions and other vital parts of the vehicle.
• Permanent pressure control for better driving comfort.
• Braking control to limit the risk of accidents.

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