Xlite : Aluminium wheels the lighter, stronger wheel

Choose Xlite® – spin-forged aluminium wheels manufactured to world-class standards to meet your commercial vehicle needs. Stronger by design and 40% lighter than the standard steel equivalent. Xlite offers real cost savings and improved performance for commercial vehicles.

Xlite is tailored to you, available in a range of sizes (including 17.5″, 19.5″ and 22.5″) and insets. With a machined or polished finish, not only are your wheels precision engineered to guarantee outstanding quality. They also look great.

Xbrite : low maintenance, great appearance

Choose Xbrite® – as well as bringing you all the benefits of the Xlite® range. Xbrite wheels also come with a superior finish that takes less time and effort to keep your fleet looking extra special.

Specially treated, the Xbrite range delivers the highest levels of corrosion resistance and shine to ensure your wheels not only perform to the highest possible standards, but also look fantastic.

Xlite : meeting your needs

40% lighter : Our Xlite wheels have an average weight of 24kg, allowing your vehicle to carry extra payloads. As well as providing significant fuel savings and reduced environmental impact.
5x stronger : Xlite is spin-forged from a single high-strength aluminium billet using state-of-the-art Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines to create outstanding production accuracy. It is then specially heat treated to produce a maximum strength wheel.

For you, this means less wear and the longest possible life for your wheels, tyres and axles, as well as greater ride comfort.
Protected ALV valve : Our ALV valves are fitted on every wheel, precisely positioned to ensure that they are not damaged by stones thrown by the brake rotor.
Meeting safety standards : All our wheels are rigorously tested to meet European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation standards, ensuring both you and the roads are safe.
Guaranteed quality : Certified to TUV standards, Xlite wheels have been independently audited for quality. Ensuring you get the best product possible. We are so confident of the quality offered by our Xlite range. It comes with a five-year warranty.
Supply chain traceability : We offer full traceability of all our wheels from manufacture to distribution. So you have complete peace of mind that Xlite wheels are fully compliant.