Our know how

Thanks to our flexibility, we can offer wheels by unit or in big quantities with a short delivery time.

Standard wheels are generally loaded immediately.

We are also able to study for you special wheels (with special offset, paint, accroding to your technical needs).

We are fitting the tyre of your choice.


Production sites

We have daily departures for all destinations in France and Europe.

Our two unloading plateforms are adapted for every type of truck.

All the wheels we ship are transported on shrinked pallets, which can be followed by our forwarder tracing system.

Our partners are chosen according to their structure. So that your order is shipped in the best way.

If needed, you can pick up your order with your own forwarder.

Our stock

We have around 3000 standard wheels for trucks & trailers on stock, which enables us to dispatch in a very short time.

We mainly receive complete trucks of wheels from Germany and Turkey, in order to restock regularly.

On 1000 sqm, our stock is fully controled by computer system.


We are organised with several production sites all over the world.

The production site is chosen according to the quantity, type of wheels and delivery time requested.

All plants have the same technical quality and the best modern technical facilities.


We study your need in complete collaboration with your engineering department.

We produce prototypes and special wheels in small series.

We propose a large choice of top coating paint color.

We fit the tyre of your choice for small series.